5 Kitchen Safety Tips To Protect Your Appliances

5 Kitchen Safety Tips To Protect Your Appliances

By LocalXR

Our appliances make our homes. And that’s why it’s important to make sure that our household appliances are in the best shape. Here are 5 kitchen safety tips to protect your appliances.


1. Turn off power when not in use

One of the most recommended tip for appliance care, a simple thing as turning off the power makes a huge difference to both your appliance and your electricity bill. Once you are done using your appliances, make sure that the power is turned off, and the plug removed.


2. Use uninterrupted power supply

It’s important that your appliances run smooth and uninterrupted. If you live in a power fluctuating zone, consider buying a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) machine for your appliance. By ensuring that your appliance runs uninterrupted, you can save both time and your appliance from premature breakdowns and faults.


3. Look for warning signs

Handle your appliance with care and always lookout for warning signs. Your appliances’ cords should never heat up. They might grow warm, if they seem to be too hot, it’s time for a repair or maintenance. Make sure you use your appliance only for its intended purposes so that you don’t damage your appliance and end its warranty period.


4. Install GFCI outlets

A safety mechanism that every house needs, the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) protects your home as well as your appliances from unstable power supply. In case the current deviates from the intended path,

  • Like fluctuating or electrifying a person
  • The GFCI trips off your main power switch so that your house is temporarily cut off from power.


5. Schedule regular maintenance

Even if you follow all these protection tips, there’s still one thing you need to do to keep your appliances safe: schedule periodic maintenance and repairs for your appliances. Regular check ups ensure that your appliance is in a good condition, and there are no faults resulting in wastage of electricity.



If you face any problem with your appliances or think it’s time to get your appliances checked, call us and we’ll help you get the best repairs and maintenance for your household appliances.

Nothing matters more than a safe home and faultless appliances. Ensure safety for your house and family with these simple tips. What other safety tips have you heard?