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5 Reasons You Should Get Your Dryer Checked Today

5 Reasons You Should Get Your Dryer Checked Today

By LocalXR

If you own a dryer, you know how it simplifies daily chores. However, we often lose our way when something isn’t quite right with our appliances.

That’s why we’ve put up this list of 5 reasons you should get your dryer checked out today!


1. It’s been a while

If you hadn’t had your dryer checked or cleaned in a while, then it’s time for you to get your dryer checked as soon as possible.

“According to research done by The Consumer Product Safety Commission in 2002, there were over 20 000 medically treated injuries caused by dryers at home.”

Clean your dryer at least once in 6 months and get a professional checkup at least once a year.


2. Drying takes a long time

  • Most dryers dry a full load of laundry in about 45 minutes.
  • However, if your dryer takes longer than that, it’s time to get it checked.
  • Chances are, there is lint clogged in the venting system.
  • It should work fine once you clean it out thoroughly.


3. The dryer doesn’t heat up

If you find that your dryer is on and the drum is spinning, but the dryer won’t heat up, the common problem would be with the heating coils or the fuse. However, your dryer also won’t heat up when there’s something wrong with the thermostat, temperature switch, or the timer. Get your dryer checked as soon as possible to get it fixed.


4. Drum doesn’t spin

If your dryer is on and the motor is running, but the drum doesn’t spin, it could be either a malfunctioning belt or a roller.
You’ll just have to replace these parts, and your dryer will be back to working condition.
However, it’s best if you let a professional maintenance person take a look at your dryer first for other malfunctioning parts.


5. Dryer gets too hot

If your dryer seems to get too hot for no probable reason, it could either be a clogged vent or a problem with the heating mechanism. Call experienced maintenance services to get that checked out for you right away.

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