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6 Signs Your Washer Gives You Before Shutting Off

6 Signs Your Washer Gives You Before Shutting Off

By LocalXR

Of all the things that could go wrong at home, the worst is when one of your trusted appliances shuts off without warning. But then, perhaps you haven’t looked close enough.

Here are 6 warning signs that your washer gives you before shutting off for good.


1. Excessive noise or vibration

If your trusted washer has begun to vibrate and give off excessive noises in recent times, it might be telling you its time is over.

Don’t let the noises fool you; it’s common for refrigerators to vibrate and be a little noisy.

However, when the noises and vibrations persist and become harder to tolerate, know that that’s your wake-up call.


2. Persistent leaking

Leaks could be a common indication of faulty wires or vacuum tubes. But when the leaks become more persistent, and no repairs could offer a long-term solution, it might be time to replace your washer.

“The average life of a washer is between 7 to 10 years, but it depends on maintenance too.”

If your washer is too old, leaks may be frequent, and you might have to give it a rest.


3. Frequent breakdowns

If your washer seems to break down an awful lot, there might be something more sinister than a simple repair. If you suspect you’re spending more money on repairs and maintenance than investing in a new one, then you probably should buy a new washer.


4. Burning smells, smoke, or sparks

More serious warnings than noises and faulty accessories, if you find that your washer is giving off burning smells, smoke or fire sparks, turn off the power source and contact your manufacturer or a service person as soon as possible.

Despite being a fire warning, smoke and sparks can also mean that something awry has happened in your washer. Take a closer look and replace your appliance.


5. Dirty water doesn’t drain

  • Dirty water clogging in your washer’s drum is a common incident.
  • It could be just a clog in your vacuum tube, but you could resolve that with regular maintenance and repairs.
  • However, if your washer gets clogged beyond cleaning, it’s a sign that you need to replace it.


6. Rust, discoloration, and bad odors

If you’ve been using the wrong detergent for your washer or letting sharp metal objects run in your washer by mistake, you might find rust forming in your washer drum. In some cases, your washer loses its color and gives off bad odors. Know that signs like odors and rust are sure warnings that your washer is going to bail on you.

What do you think of our list?

Have you noticed any of these or any other peculiar signs in your washer?

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