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7 Expert Tips On Dryer Maintenance

7 Expert Tips On Dryer Maintenance

By LocalXR

Dryers are difficult appliances to maintain.

We’ve compiled a list of 7 expert tips on dryer maintenance to help you get more from your complicated mechanism.


1. Clean the lint screen/filter

Make sure you clean out the lint screen or filter before and after drying each load of laundry. Remove any dust or debris from the screens, check for any rips and replace them if necessary.


2. Clear your dryer duct and vents

  • Remove, clean, and keep a check of your dryer’s venting and ducts.
  • Dusty and clogged vents causes most of the dryer problem.
  • All you have to do is remove the duct and run a brush through it every now and then to make sure it stays clean.
  • However, perform regular professional check ups — at least once a year.


3. Know what you put in

Beware of any synthetic or flammable materials in your dryer. Avoid rubber, plastic, and any cloth or sponge that you once doused with a flammable liquid. Even if you had washed your cloth, the risk of vapor or smoke catching flame is too high.


4. Check gas connections

  • If you own a gas-powered dryer, get a professional to check your dryer at least once a year.
  • When it comes to gas, make sure that a certified professional assures you that the connections are intact and leak-free.


5. Run the dryer when you’re home

Never leave your appliances unattended. Run your dryer only when you or your family are at home so that there’s always someone who can attend to your appliance if something goes wrong.


6. Clean the outside vent

The outside of your dryer matters as much as the inside. When you clean the duct from the inside, remember always to clean it from the outside as well.

“Make sure that there is no grime and lint sticking to the outside of your dryer vent.”


7. Don’t overload your dryer

Make sure that you don’t abuse your appliance by trying to get too much out of it. Load your dryer full but be careful not to overload it. Not all dryers are the same. Understand the model of your dryer and follow the owner’s guide while using your appliance.

What do you think of our tips?

Do you have any other tips you’d like to add?

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