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7 Laundry Tips To Get You Through The Winter​

7 Laundry Tips To Get You Through The Winter​

By LocalXR

Laundry – It’s the biggest chore in the house, and no one likes to do it. And in winter, handling laundry requires a lot of effort and special care.

So here are 7 laundry hacks to help you get through this winter.


1. Air dry your clothes

It’s great if you have a dryer. But if you don’t, you can always resort to the old way of drying: air. Invest in a good clothes rack and air dry your winter clothes.

“If you do have a dryer, it’s better just to let some natural air pass through your clothes to get the dampness out of your clothes.”

If you find a sunny day, or a spot, move your dryer closer to it so that you can use the natural heat. Winter sunshine is mild enough not to harm your clothes.


2. Use a laundry bag to protect smaller clothes

  • Never forget your accessories while doing your laundry.
  • You need to wash your winter accessories like scarves, mittens, and muffs as often as you wash your other clothes.
  • Put these smaller accessories and clothes into a laundry bag before you drop it in the washer.
  • The laundry bag protects your smaller items of clothing and ensures they don’t get entangled in your other winter clothes or get ripped.


3. Use the right fabric conditioner

Snow is filled with water and salt and as you trudge along the pathway, your clothes will roughen and become hard. For such rough weather, your usual detergents and conditioners just won’t be enough. Use detergents and conditioners that’s meant for winter clothing and make sure they are free of artificial dyes and perfumes that may harm delicate materials even more.


4. Go inside-out

When washing and drying your winter clothes — wool in particular — turn your clothes inside out to avoid damaging the fabric. When you turn your clothes inside-out, you protect the outer layer of your clothing from scratches and loose stitches.


5. Look out for the weather

If you do your laundry once every fortnight or month, make sure that you watch the weather. Do your laundry whenever there’s a good weather to avoid your clothes piling up.


6. Wash in cold water

“Warm and hot water damages your winter clothes.”

Do your laundry with cold water to protect the fabric from tearing or falling apart.


7. Hand wash your laundry first

To make sure that there is no snowy debris on the hems of your jeans, rinse the bottom of your jeans or skirts with your hand under cold water. Once you wash away the slush, you can put it in the washer as usual. Handwashing first will give your clothes a longer life.

“Winter is the hardest part of the year to do laundry. But it doesn’t have to be that way.”

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