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7 Things You Should Never Put Inside Your Microwave

7 Things You Should Never Put Inside Your Microwave

By LocalXR

The best thing about a microwave is its versatility. It’s such a handy appliance to have in your kitchen. But there are some things that even this go-to appliance cannot take.

Here are seven things you should never put in your microwave.


1. Takeout containers

When we say takeout containers, that includes your Chinese rice packing, paper bags, aluminum foil, styrofoam containers, cling wrap, and yogurt containers. In short, never microwave any one-time-use containers, they release harmful chemicals while heating (some may even burn) and may soil your food.


2. Frozen food and fruits

We know it’s tempting to thaw or heat frozen meat in the microwave, but your meat won’t cook evenly and you’ll end up with a pile of disappointment.

“Never microwave frozen food items.”

Also, never cook delicate fruits like raisins and grapes. They won’t stand the heat and may implode, causing a terrible mess in your microwave.


3. Cayenne pepper or chili pepper

The thing with hot items like cayenne pepper is that they crackle and sometimes explode when exposed to heat. Dry peppers won’t mess up your microwave too much, but as soon as you open the door, a wave of hotness will hit you in the face making you feel sick.


4. Plastics

  • Avoid putting any plastic items in your microwave
  • It includes plastic carry bags and containers as well.
  • Don’t put in any containers that don’t explicitly mention as microwave safe.
  • Remember, some containers are microwave safe — only without the lid. Be careful when handling plastics.


5. Metal and ceramic containers

We get it, you’ve seen those mug cake recipes on the internet and are dying to try them. A word of warning, though: don’t use travel mugs, metal containers, or ceramics of any kind.

Metal containers don’t take the heat too well and will melt tiny particles into your food whereas fancy ceramics and designer china will lose their grandeur.


6. Eggs with shell or boiled

“Never microwave eggs with their shells intact.”

Eggs are one of the easiest items to cook in a microwave–but they have their way of cooking. The heat increases the pressure within the egg, and it will explode. Same goes for hard boiled eggs. If you’re reheating hard boiled eggs, slice them up or prick holes in them so that the heat doesn’t build up within.


7. Broccoli

  • Most people love just to heat some broccoli in the microwave and add a splash of dressing to call it dinner.
  • However, broccoli is one the most tender vegetables available, and heating it strips off its nutrients.
  • The most efficient way to cook broccoli is steaming it, but even then, the vegetable loses almost 11% of its nutrients.
  • And when cooked with a little bit of water, broccoli lost about 97% of its nutrients.
  • So unless you want a puddle of green nothingness for dinner, hold off broccoli from the microwave.


There you have it, the basic list of things you should never put in your microwave.

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