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7 Tips To Get The Best Out Of Your Washer

By LocalXR

A washer is a lifetime investment. And that’s why it’s necessary to make sure you get the most out of your washer.

Here are seven tips to help you safeguard your washer and get the optimum out of it.


1. Use washer-specific detergent

It’s important that you use the proper detergent in your washer. Most detergents that work fine for hand washing your clothes don’t work as well in a washer. Make sure you use a detergent that’s specific to your washer type (top loader, front loader) and water conditions (hard water, limescale).


2. Use a laundry bag

Instead of putting your small clothes and accessories like delicate materials, mittens, and mufflers directly into the washer, put them inside a laundry bag and drop the bag into your washer.

“The laundry bag not only protects your soft clothes but also ensures that the buttons don’t get stuck in your washer’s mechanism.”


3. Keep the door open

It’s vital that you keep the door of your washer open after every use until the interior of your washer dries out completely.
To ensure there is no dampness within your washer, dry it out with a towel or soft cloth and then leave the door open.
Natural air circulating through your washer removes any lingering unpleasant odors.


4. Run full loads

Every time you run your washer, run full loads. You don’t have to worry about wasting energy because energy consumption remains the same irrespective of the load you put in.

Some washer manufacturers even recommend running your washer only when you have full loads — as best practice. However, be careful not to overload your washer — it adds extra strain to the appliance and might damage it.


5. Regular cleaning/maintenance

  • Make sure you give your washer the attention it deserves.
  • Clean your washer after every wash and schedule a deep cleaning routine or maintenance at regular intervals.
  • Make sure your washer’s filters are clean and free of any debris that might harm your appliance.


6. Wipe after use, inside and out

Every time you finish running your washer, wipe out the interior, the spinning drum, and the exterior of your washer.

“Always keep a clean, soft cloth handy by your washer.”

Let your whole appliance air dry, and once it’s completely dry, add a cover to the whole appliance — the top included — to protect against dust and scratches. Don’t let kids or pets play on or around your appliance.


7. Protect and check additional parts

Once every while, take a look at your washer’s hoses. You don’t have to wait for the scheduled maintenance to check it out, instead, ensure the filters and hoses are not bent or cut anywhere. Proper hoses and filters help the washing process complete without hindrances.

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