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How To Choose a Dryer That Suits You Need

How To Choose a Dryer That Suits You Need

By LocalXR

  • When you plan to get a dryer for your home, remember appliances are investments.
  • Make sure that any appliance you buy is worth your money.
  • Depending on various features, a dryer costs anywhere from $500 to more than $1500.
  • Analyze your requirements and choose wisely.


Here’s a guide to help you choose a dryer that suits you.


Do you need a dryer?

Before you decide on buying a dryer, make sure that you need a dryer and not just want to compete with your neighbor. Apart from being a pricey investment, a dryer takes up space in your home as well. Don’t buy a dryer if you’re only going to use it to dry a handful of linen or could air-dry your clothes.



If you decide to buy a dryer, weigh your requirements first.

  • Ask your friends and family for advice and analyze the most important features you need.
  • For instance, the moisture sensor is a valuable feature in the dryer.
  • It senses when the clothes are dry and turns off automatically.
  • Such a feature saves you time and energy.


Therefore, analyze features with care and choose a dryer that adds value to your home.



Measure the available space in your kitchen and decide how big a dryer you need. When you measure, make sure you leave enough space between your existing appliances. Avoid crowding up your kitchen.


Electric or gas?

A vital decision while buying a dryer is choosing between an electric and gas dryer. Your decision largely depends on your house’s construction.

“To install an electric dryer, you might need a 220-240V outlet whereas you need a 120V outlet to install a gas dryer.”

Stick to your choice once you decide because changing the fuel source of your dryer later may cost you professional assistance.


Energy and money saver

Go for an EnergyStar-certified dryer. EnergyStar certifies that your appliance uses 15% less energy than the current Federation regulations. It also uses much less energy than older appliance models. EnergyStar dryers also save you about $20 a year in electricity.


NSF ratings

Make sure your dryer meets The National Sanitary Foundation’s ratings and requirements. The NSF rates appliances based on their power to destroy allergens and bacteria.

So there you have it. That’s our checklist for choosing the best dryer for your home.

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