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How To Know When It’s Time To Get Your Oven Checked

How To Know When It’s Time To Get Your Oven Checked

By LocalXR

“Your cakes won’t bake evenly.”

When your cakes and delicacies don’t come out the way you intended, then it’s time for you to get that oven checked. You get half-baked goods when there’s uneven heat spreading throughout your oven. The most common problems occur when something goes wrong with the oven’s temperature. In the case of unevenness, check your oven’s bake element, igniter, or the broil element.


Bake element:

The black tube near the bottom of your oven is the bake element. While baking, the black tube reddens with heat. However, when the bake element burns off, your oven’s temperature will fail. Check the bake element with an Ohm meter. If there’s continuous heat, your bake element functions well. Otherwise, you might have to go for professional maintenance.



The igniter draws electricity from the safety valve and lets gas into the oven burner, igniting it. Defective igniters take a long time to heat the burner, causing temperature fluctuations. Observe the igniter while the oven heats up. If it takes a long time for your oven’s burner to ignite, you might have to replace the igniter.


Broil element:

Just like the bake element, the broil element also reddens with heat. If the broil element doesn’t redden or has blisters or holes in it, then you need to replace it

Apart from fluctuating temperatures, here are a few more problems that indicate that you need to check your oven –


  • Your oven doesn’t heat up.
  • Your oven turns off automatically.
  • The glass door has cracked or shattered.
  • Your oven releases smoke.
  • The oven door doesn’t close well or is broken.
  • The food in your oven burns without baking.


To ensure your oven functions well, clean your oven regularly and schedule periodic maintenance. However, if you have any of problems with your oven, know that it’s time to get your oven checked.

Keep your oven healthy and it will serve you well.

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