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Top 10 Plumbing Tips for the winter season

Pipe damage during the winter season is a common phenomenon and can be a big headache for many. Cold temperatures can not only put a dent on your plumbing systems but also your pocket if precautions are not taken into consideration.

To ensure that you do not face any such issues, we have compiled a list of the to 10 most important plumbings tips you need to keep in mind when the winter season is about the roll in:

  1. Open the faucets for a small period of time: During the winter season, allowing water to run through the faucets can be a good way to ensure that the pipe systems do not freeze under extreme temperatures. But keep in mind that, if the drain for a particular water faucet is on the exterior side, don’t let that system run as the water in the drain could freeze, which would lead to the sink overflowing. 

  2. Get your garage door insulated: If your plumbing systems run through the garage which tends to be unheated, it is advisable to insulate the door to make sure that no pipe/system freezing takes place. 

  3. Keep your sink cabinets open: Keeping your sink cabinets open, be it in your kitchen or bathroom will help warm air circulation around the pipes. Although, it is also recommended to install a portable heater inside the cabinet for maximum safety.

  4. Install heat cables: Installing heat cables can help weak pipes from freezing or bursting up. Their inbuilt thermostat systems can sense pipe temperature and automatically turn the heat on and off as required to keep the pipe from freezing. 

  5. Disconnect outdoor pipes: Disconnect  your outdoor pipes i.e by turning off valves or removing/loosening the hose. This will help the water from running to exterior lines and prevent freezing. 

  6. Seal off crawl spaces: Ventilated crawl spaces are often troublesome during the winter season. Sealing them off with either cardboard, duct tape or any such preventative measure will help in preventing cold air from entering the area and damaging it. 

  7. Conserve energy to a certain limit: In case you plan on traveling and turning off your heating systems to conserve energy, you might need to drop that idea for a bit. Turning off your heating systems for long periods of time can result in the chance of pipes getting frozen, broken and ruptured. The best way to prevent pipe damage is to set the home temperature to  no lower than 45F. This will not only help you in conserving energy and money but also saves your plumbing systems from winter damage. 

  8. Avoid clogging kitchen drains: Holiday season tends to have large batches of food, scraps, leftovers and trash being disposed of. You must ensure that you undertake sustainable cooking and disposing methods to make sure that your drainage systems do not get clogged up. 

  9. Check for damaged pipes: If you have any pipes that are exposed or situated outdoors, inspect them properly for damage or bulges i.e certain points on the pipe where water has frozen in the past and protruded against the pipe’s boundaries. In such a scenario you must get professional help as soon as you can as it is highly probable that they might burst up and cause damage under freezing temperatures. 

  10. Get a professional for maintenance: Keeping your plumbing systems checked and repaired from time to time is the best advice that we can give you to ensure you do not experience any unnecessary problems especially before winters. By hiring a licensed plumber you can make sure that your system will be well protected and additionally will help you save money on the longer run. 


In case you need assistance regarding your plumbing systems, you can head over to the services provided section at LocalXR.com or contact us at 888-808-2897. LocalXR is the easiest way to find and get connected to top local service professionals over the phone and to get free quotes for you to compare and decide. We at LocalXR  connect instantly with nearest local service professionals for all your needs.

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