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10 Ways to improve your furnace efficiency

Going through the winter months without an optimal and efficient furnace usage can result in multiple problems. For a hassle free winter season here are some of the most important furnace efficiency tips and techniques that can help save both money and energy on the longer run.

Here are the top 10 ways to improve your furnace efficiency: 

  1. Install a programmable thermostat: Installing a programmable thermostat is one of the best methods to ensure a reduction in your monthly gas bills. Additionally, don’t have an expensive recurring fee and they help in reducing the wear and tear of your furnace.

    The most important benefit of a programmable thermostat is that it allows you to set up a schedule according to your convenience and helps in lowering the  temperature when you are not at your home/sleeping.

  2. Ensure your filters are clean: If your furnace filter is not clean and has dust and debris in it, this increases the load on your furnace to pull air through the filter which is already densely packed with unwanted articles. It is recommended to change filters depending upon how dirty and clogged it is on a monthly basis.

  3. Lower the thermostat temperature: A lot of times people tend to increase the thermostat temperature more than it is required. The ideal temperature setting on your thermostat recommended by the DOE (Department of Energy) is around 68°F for minimal energy consumption and maximum comfort.

  4. Install an energy efficient thermostat: Installing an energy efficient thermostat has four major benefits:

    –  Reduces energy bills
    –  Increases overall energy efficiency of the household
    –  Ensures long term savings
    –  Guarantees overall comfort

  5. Use alternative heat sources: It’s not always recommended to reduce your thermostat temperature even if it ensures furnace efficiency and a reduction in your energy bills. You must consider investing in secondary heat sources such as a space heater, electric blankets, etc to reduce the overall load on your furnace and help you out with other sustainable options.

  6. Clean and seal your ductwork: Besides dirt and muck, an unclean ductwork can be home to microbes, dirt, bacteria, dust mites, insect droppings and pollen. Additionally, leaky ducts can reduce the heating efficiency of your home as it is estimated that leaky or damaged ducts can result in a 30% loss of heated air. Hence it is advised to get your duct clean and sealed properly to ensure there is no risk of contamination and unnecessary energy wastage.

  7. Maintain a good humidity level: Dry air circulation in your home during the winter season dry skin and throats and other health issues. Installing a humidifier can help in increasing the humidity level by around 40% and results in better heat transmission.

  8. Keep the area near the furnace clear: Most homeowners have their furnaces installed in the basement where they also tend to store extra belongings and household items. It is really important to ensure a proper distance of three to five foot area is kept around the furnace and stored items for not only safety reasons but better and optimal air circulation.

  9. Ensure that your garage door is sealed: An unsealed garage door can result in major energy loss and inefficient heat circulation in and around the home. Make sure that the garage door is shut all the way down and ensure that there aren’t any drafts around the sides.

  10. Schedule furnace maintenance regularly: Make sure that your furnace is maintained and inspected regularly to ensure optimal energy efficiency and maximum comfort. Hire the right professionals who can thoroughly clean, inspect, and adjust the components so that your furnace remains in perfect shape throughout the fall and winter season.

In case you need assistance regarding furnace repair or maintenance, you can head over to the services provided section at LocalXR.com or contact us at 888-808-2897. LocalXR is the easiest way to find and get connected to top local service professionals over the phone and to get free quotes for you to compare and decide. We at LocalXR  connect instantly with nearest local service professionals for all your needs.

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