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How Does A DUI Affect Your Auto Insurance?

How Does A DUI Affect Your Auto Insurance?

By LocalXR

DUI or DWI Conviction

When it comes to the severity of a DUI on your auto insurance, the impact of a traffic violation SR22 is going to be less severe than a serious DUI. It is advisable to retain a DUI attorney to help you with your legal proceedings in case you are charged or convicted of a DUI or DWI.

The law differs from state to state when it comes to drinking and driving infractions. Most states have tried to crack down on drunk drivers by enacting strict penalties. Some auto insurance carriers offer specialized policies to those who face DUI charges. So it is always better to look around and connect with different insurance companies to find the most affordable solution possible.


After DUI Charged

Once you are charged with a DUI, it is going to be stressful. It may also result in the loss of your driver’s license and sky-high car insurance rates. Your penalties will be determined by a court of law depending on the number of DUIs you have experienced. The most common penalties for a DUI are fines, jail time, license suspension and insurance costs.

A DUI will have a significant increase in your insurance costs. Each insurance company handles DUIs differently so it is difficult to say the actual amount. But, if you are currently enjoying some sort of preferred or safe driver discount, that will be gone at your next renewal date when insurance companies re-run your driving record. Some companies may even drop you altogether while others may transfer you to their “high-risk” division.

There are also certain companies that specialize in insuring high-risk drivers, rates for drivers with DUIs are usually double, triple or more than a driver without a DUI, all other things being equal. That’s why you need to have a specialized agent to help you with DUIs.

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