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SR-22 or SR-22 Insurance is a certificate issued by your car insurance company. Contrary to what name suggests, this is not an insurance, instead, it’s an evidence that verifies you have an auto insurance liability coverage required by your state. This is required by most states in various cases of driving-related issues. In such case, the driver needs to purchase and maintain continuous coverage through an insurance company. Typically the insurance companies monitor for coverage lapse and may report to DMV. This can help the state guarantee that any time the driver is behind the wheel, they are insured by minimum liability insurance. In most states, non-owner SR-22 insurance is a normal driver requirement.

SR-22 insurance may be referred to by any of the following descriptions depending on the state that you live in

  • SR22 Form
  • SR22 Certificate
  • SR22 Bond
  • SR22 Filing
  • SR22 Insurance
  • SR22 Certificate of Financial Responsibility

Every state has its own requirements regarding SR-22. As discussed above, SR22 certificate is required by the court or mandated by the state only for certain driving-related violations. Some of them are:

  • DUI or DWI convictions
  • Accidents caused by drivers without a valid insurance
  • To reinstate a suspended or revoked license
  • Multiple traffic offenses in a short time period

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