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Whether you want to store meat, sweet treats, or if you prepare dinner regularly having a freezer is very handy. It’s a cheap and affordable appliance which saves your trip to the market. Even higher-end models come in well below the cost of a decent fridge/freezer combo. Its correctly considered as the workhorse of your kitchen as it keeps on working even when you’re sleeping or on vacation.

If you experience any problem with your Freezer, LocalXR is here to help. With our expert professional service, you can get the Freezer fixed and running in no time.

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Freezer Repair
If you’re experiencing any of these:
  • Built up of lot of frost inside the freeze
  • Freezer keeps on running
  • Frozen meat looks burnt
  • Freezer is making strange noise
  • Door seal is torn
  • Freezer is leaking water
  • There is no water in the dispenser
  • Simple fixes like freezer gasket repair, ice maker repair, compressor repair, freezer door repair and more

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