Extended Auto Warranty

All new cars come with a warranty from the manufacturer. But after your initial warranty gets expired or if you are buying a used car you may need an Auto warranty. Which will protect you from expensive repairs, wear and tear breakdowns and provide you peace of mind? When you purchase an Extended Auto warranty Contract in case of vehicle breakdowns, it is repaired by a licensed technician and all the cost is covered by the Auto Warranty Company. The auto warranty is also known as Vehicle Service Contract, Extended Warranty or Mechanical Breakdown Insurance.

Auto Insurance pays for the repairs in case of accidents only. It does not cover regular wear and tears repair or breakdowns. Extended auto warranties protect you from regular repairs and breakdowns not caused by an accident.

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There are a lot of American car owners who are in need of protection and coverage provided by an auto warranty for their vehicle; however, they don’t feel it essential at the time of purchasing a used car or once their vehicle initial warranty expired. In fact, most people don’t realize is that you can purchase another service contract to protect your vehicle even after the factory warranty expires! But once the unavoidable repairs begin piling up they understand how essential is an Auto Warranty. So if you want to avoid paying those high-priced bills for each thing that goes wrong with your automobile, get your Auto Warranty Protection now.

If you’re going to buy an extended warranty

Take the time to shop around and find the best coverage at the best price.

Does it cover the repair or replacement of the essential parts for regular wear and tear? Be sure you understand what is and what is not covered.

Are the repairs fully covered? Do you have to pay a small deductible? Or do you have to pay for the repairs up front and get reimbursed later?

Make sure it is accepted at your dealership or by any licensed mechanic.

The Coverage should be backed by top-rated insurance companies.

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