Get Your General Auto Insurance Quotes

The General Insurance Company is a part of PCG Holdings Corp that has been in an insurance company for roughly 40 years. The General Auto Insurance Company provides car insurance services online. This is a fast and simple way for clients to get the best coverage.

As an insurance company, The General only offers auto insurance products. Consumers who are looking for health or life insurance plans are not covered by the company.

By focusing exclusively on car insurance, the company is able to offer valuable plans at very low rates.

In addition to being known for very affordable car insurance plans, The General also considers as its target market all individuals who have difficulty applying for coverage from other insurance providers. This is why people who are obtaining auto insurance for the first time and those who have a bad driving history or average credit ratings can have a greater chance of getting their cars covered through the company.

The General Coverage

This company is ready to provide insurance coverage for most people who apply. It is dedicated to providing the niche market of individuals who have a less-than-perfect driving history. Customers who have credit score issues, moving violations or who have been engaged in an accident are welcome to apply for coverage with the company. The General also welcomes individuals who have had a lapse in their auto insurance coverage.

Another feature that clients who choose The General can take benefits from is that the company provides low down payments. If you decide to get coverage through this provider, you will be able to do so without putting too much of a strain on your budget.

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Discount Offered

Discounts for selecting specific payment plan, insuring multiple cars with the company and other conditions are available. General auto insurance offers insurance coverage at affordable rates than its competitors, even for clients who are considered at higher risk.

The General can help those customers who are expected to have an SR-22 in place to arrange coverage.

Comparing a General Auto Insurance Quote

You can compare auto insurance quotes from insurance companies like The General and many others by entering your ZIP code on the company website. Before making your purchase for general car insurance, you initially need to shop around and get some quotes.


The General claims to provide a convenient monthly payment plan to its policyholders. The General also welcomes people who have had a lapse in their car insurance coverage.