DUI/DWI? Suspended Driver’s License? Major Traffic Violations?

Get Cheap SR-22 Insurance in Texas

How much does it cost to get an SR22 in Texas?

Different companies offer SR22 at different rates. The rates depends on factors like age, gender, zip code, marital status, vehicle you own and the type of violation you commit. Typically, on an average a high risk driver has to spend about $300 – $800 for SR22 insurance. SR22 cost will increase your auto insurance rate as you would be considered a high risk driver. You may also have to pay a one time filing fee of $25-$50 to the insurance company to do the required filings on your behalf.

How long do I have to keep SR22 insurance in Texas?

The state DMV or court will ask a high risk driver to carry SR22 for a minimum of two years. This will depend on the violations that you do. Your have to carry an SR22 from the time of license suspension. You won’t be able to reinstate your driving license if you fail to get an SR22 or if there is a lapse in the policy due to any reason.

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What are the different types of SR22 insurance in Texas?

Non Owners Policy – This is an SR22 insurance policy issued to drivers who don’t own a car. This provides a secondary liability to drivers who drive their friends or neighbors car

Owners Policy – This is a standard auto insurance policy along with an SR22 insurance attached to it. Both the vehicle and the driver are insured with this policy. The insured driver will only be permitted to use the vehicle which is insured under this policy

Which are the best SR22 insurance companies in Texas?

The best SR22 insurance companies in Texas are The General, Safe Auto, Direct Auto, Dairyland, Progressive, Geico and USAA.